8 Creative Yet Pleasurable Positions to Eat Your Girl Out. You Must Try Them at Least Once.

Do her right…

In how many positions do you normally give your girl some oral? She’s probably on her back, on the bed, legs spread wide, right? It’s the missionary of cunnilingus. It’s understandable, though.For starters, it’s an easy position to get to and then you can just slide right in, right? Eh.

If you want to not only change it up for variety, but you might get her to come faster and harder in other ways. Yes, believe it or not, there are numerous other ways you can your tongue and fingers all up in there to get her begging for, well, you know. Check out these eight methods that are super easy to do and she definitely will be appreciative.

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You’re a chair…

First up, lay flat on the bed and have her sit on your face, with her knees bent under.

Not only do you get grab the hell out of her butt for balance, you can use your fingers in her. The use of fingers during oral is lost on most men.

Bonus: You can easily watch her face and underboob.

Side Swept…

If you need a break from all the V eating you’ve been doing, take a break! But that doesn’t mean you have to stop. This is a super comfy way for a woman to give a blowjob and you get an awesome view of it while you recharge.

Just lay against the headboard, facing slightly towards your girl. She’ll be laying down comfortably, propped up on an elbow to support herself while she does dirty things to you.

Something for You…

Your girl lays on her back. with her head right at the edge. Stand in front of her, position yourself in her mouth and lean over to support yourself on the bed.

Here you get your oral enjoyment while you get to an awesome view of her entire sexy body. Feel free to slip a finger or two inside her and see how her mouth responds to it.

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The New 69…

This posish is a much more comfortable way than trying to 69 on a flat surface.

You sit in a big comfy chair or couch and she gets on top of you, upside down, while you hold her calves for support. This works much better if the back of the furniture is angled back so you rest your legs comfortably.

With both of your backs arched in a relaxing way, you can concentrate on the holes instead. Plus, you get an even easier view of her with your manhood in her mouth.

Tuck and Roll…

Your women gets all the way to the edge of the bed and lifts her knees up, towards her chest while she holds onto the back of her thighs for support.

This position is for those guys you can’t eat enough butt because you can get every little crevice soaking wet. This yields the “give it to me right now” aka “The Begging Pose.”

Doggy Style II…

She’s on all fours, with her legs spread, waiting for you to come in behind her with your mouth.

Anilingus: If you are into it, this is the perfect position for it.

If you have yet to graduate to eating groceries, don’t fret. This is still a solid way to get your face all up in genitals, especially if she likes clit play.

Also, this is another oral positional to easily slip into penetrative sex.

The Seperation…

Make her scoot up to the end of the bend while you kneel in front of her.

Rather than trying to spread her legs like and eagle or hold both of them up like she’s in stir-ups, chose one leg to have her lift up and one to push to the side slightly.

This position means you can really get exposed to a lot of delicious area she’s got. Then switch legs!

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The Muse…

Once again, get her all the way to the edge of the bed. She should be lifting up her upper body with elbows and head back, relaxed. Have her bend one leg up on the bed. You will kneel before her (or sit on your feet), grab her by the hips and go to town like a champ.

If you so wish, you can have two free hands during this position. USE THEM. Not only down there, but softly stroke her legs, cup her breasts, hold hands… you get the idea.

Don’t be scared to print these out and keep them in your nightstand for reference. Also, this is a secret punch card ― do all eight positions and you earn the title Master of Sex!

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