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Everyone loves a massage, right? Massages are even better with a partner and they are a great way to spice up your sex life and do something different. There is no need to be worried or intimidated about giving your partner an erotic massage, following this quick guide will help bring an extra level of fun and sensuality to your relationship. If you and your partner want to spice up your sex life without going to the extreme, here is why an erotic massage can make all the difference.

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Why Use Massage?
If you are unsure whether massage is a good thing to introduce into the bedroom, then think again. An erotic massage is much more than just a rub on the shoulders; it is supposed to bring a whole new depth to the situation and make your partner feel amazing, before you even get to kissing. A massage with your partner is much different to one you will get at the spa, instead it is about blending the sensual feeling of massage with the intimacy of your relationship. You do not need to be an expert to give an erotic massage, as you aren’t there trying to get rid of their aches and pains.

If you want your sex to be a little more romantic, a massage allows this. It lets you and your partner explore each other’s bodies in a new and exciting way, and as you are not facing each other, it can limit any nervous feelings you have about doing this. If you find it difficult to let go and be truly intimate with one another during sex, a massage can help break down this barrier and lead to feelings of relaxation before things become more serious. Below are the perfect steps to setting the scene and using massage to spice up your sex life.

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Creating the Perfect Mood
Although a sensual massage like this has a lot to do with touch, setting the mood with smells, lights and sounds can all add to the experience. You do not need to have a massage table to fool your partner into thinking they are at a spa. The most sensual moments can happen at any time and you know your partner better than anyone, so you will know what will please them most. Perhaps they would love a room full of fairy lights, or perhaps candles are enough to spark their interest. Finding a soft, gentle playlist to play quietly in the background is also a good idea.

Purchasing Massage Oils
Massage oil can make an erotic massage that much easier and allow your hands to glide over your partner’s body with ease. It leaves the both of you with soft, supple skin and the smells allow you to relax and get further into the mood being set. There are many choices out there, even massage oils for sensitive skin if need be. With oil, you only need a little as it can get very messy, so only add to your hands as needed. If you don’t know where to find massage oil or want a more discrete way of making a purchase, websites like Madame Claude sell everything you need to spice up your life including massage oil and other sex toys online.

Start with the Face
Although this doesn’t sound like something that would happen with your normal masseuse, when starting an erotic massage, you should always begin with the face. This should be done before you use any oil, as you do not want to ruin the mood by getting any in their eyes. A face massage is a very intimate move and is a great way to set the ball rolling. Gently press against their temple with your fingers as they begin to relax and relieve themselves of any tension. Slowly slide your hand against their cheek, using small circular moves. When you reach your partner’s jaw, softly trace around their lip line with your fingers. The lips are a particularly erogenous zone, and as your partner is used to you kissing them, so this will leave them feeling incredibly sexual with just the touch of a finger.

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Next Move Down to Their Neck
Moving down from the face to the neck is the next obvious move. Many people enjoy having their neck touched and kissed by their partners, so this is a sexy move all round. Very gently massage the throat area and then move towards the back of the neck with a greater intensity. If you want to go a little further, you can even use your mouth and tongue to further stimulate your partner. Remember, this is no ordinary massage, just go with the flow and do what makes your partner tick!

Massage Their Lower Back
Now is the perfect time for them to turn around so you can work down towards their lower body. A lower back massage not only feels great, but as you have already started the massage so sensually, this will bring a whole new pleasure to a regular old back massage. Here is where you can apply a little more pressure, but ask what your partner likes. Some people prefer a harder massage than others, so this part requires a little talking. Just make sure that you don’t ruin the atmosphere by constantly asking if it is okay; work that out at the start then go from there.

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Don’t Forget the Stomach
A massage doesn’t need to just entail the back; once you have finished with their back and worked your way down to their legs, get them to turn over and then beginning from their feet, work your way back up. Spend extra time around their erogenous zones, without ever touching them. This will feel amazing and drive them wild. Move up the stomach and be much gentler here. This is where you can begin to get a little more hands-on with where you touch and allow things to naturally progress from here.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid of getting things wrong. You and your partner can work together to create a special moment and a massage they won’t forget anytime soon.

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couple’s massage, that wonderful way of giving and receiving, is our best means of caring for a relationship, to enrich it and strengthen its weak points, to make it more profound and more substantial each timeCouple’s massage can revive a stuck relationship and it can bring two people who are drifting apart to feel renewed love. It can bring back passion to a loving relationship that has become routine. This can happen for any couple, whatever their age, for there are no limits to the power of touch.

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